"We are in a time when we are constantly being hassled by messages and communications to take an active part in the construction of what is now known As the Society of Consumerist materialism.
But in the intimate we perceive the need for a caress of the soul, that the beauty of art can give us, especially the musical one. The music, in fact, captures the voices of the universe, transforming them into melodies, which become human feelings and songs.
To donate these sensations has arisen our association, non-profit and open to all those who believe in the values of musical art, of which will be future witnesses the young talents that with our help will form.
We hope that from the premature disappearance of a young and promising pianist – our unforgettable John – they can develop new energies and initiatives, addressed in particular to the world of young people, to help them grow and become masters in a Society more sensitive to the finer qualities of life. "

The association aims to promote, develop and strengthen activities of a cultural nature in order to solicit and disseminate musical culture at all levels, by any means, with particular attention to the world of young people, also in collaboration with The educational work of the school organs for a greater diffusion of the musical culture in the schools.
At the heart of the association's activities are the study, research, debate, initiatives, training and cultural updating in the different fields of music, theatre, visual arts, painting and arts in general.
The association will also carry out the aforementioned initiatives through basic and advanced courses, shows, exhibitions, concerts, essays, competitions, scholarships, debates, conferences and publishing.